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YoRHa 2b - Full Body(SFW) by Kruel-Kaiser YoRHa 2b - Full Body(SFW) :iconkruel-kaiser:Kruel-Kaiser 262 9 2b - Back View by Kruel-Kaiser 2b - Back View :iconkruel-kaiser:Kruel-Kaiser 277 13 YoRHa 2b - Full Body Backshot [toned body] by Kruel-Kaiser
Mature content
YoRHa 2b - Full Body Backshot [toned body] :iconkruel-kaiser:Kruel-Kaiser 228 4
YoRHa 2b - Full Body Nude [toned body] by Kruel-Kaiser
Mature content
YoRHa 2b - Full Body Nude [toned body] :iconkruel-kaiser:Kruel-Kaiser 350 13
Shantae Bdsm by Ryujisama
Mature content
Shantae Bdsm :iconryujisama:Ryujisama 42 5
Gon by Ryujisama Gon :iconryujisama:Ryujisama 8 2
Presenting my new and improved patreon page
Which can be found here if you want to cut straight to the chase:
So, with YouTube getting scarier and scarier I've come to the decision that I need to be more proactive in going around everything and anything that is YouTube if I want survival to be... well, a thing. The first big step was making a website where I could upload videos. They're not the best quality possible there, but they exist. All of my videos can be found here: That takes care of the hosting service.
I'm trying to figure out a way to create like a mailing list, because YouTube made the notification bell even worse, if you can believe it. Now, not only do you need to subscribe, and click the bell, but the bell will give you a drop down menu. From that drop down menu you need to select "get all notifications." Instead of, I dunno "no notifications." That's right, YouTube gave you viewers the very useful option to subscribe to someone and
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 26 40
Street fighter: Cammy and Juri by rcerulo Street fighter: Cammy and Juri :iconrcerulo:rcerulo 306 10 Knockout with a rookie fight by femboxjp Knockout with a rookie fight :iconfemboxjp:femboxjp 22 8 Lourdes Juarez ko Noemi Bosques by freddobbs
Mature content
Lourdes Juarez ko Noemi Bosques :iconfreddobbs:freddobbs 16 5
Junko Enoshima by euakotsou Junko Enoshima :iconeuakotsou:euakotsou 6 0 Sarah and Vanessa by hayame-82
Mature content
Sarah and Vanessa :iconhayame-82:hayame-82 104 8
Elizabeth by ButcherStudios Elizabeth :iconbutcherstudios:ButcherStudios 87 13 Eiko 08 by ButcherStudios Eiko 08 :iconbutcherstudios:ButcherStudios 7 1
~PandaMoonPaws commission sheet~
:heart: Fresh start, new commission sheet! :heart:
I will be taking paypal and points <3
 Pixel: Heart Jump CHIBI $5.00/500:points:

Pixel: Heart Jump HALFBODY $10.00/1000:points:

Pixel: Heart Jump  FULLBODY $20/2000:points:

Pixel: Heart Jump  REFERENCE $40/4000 :points:(base price)

:bulletpink: Any extra character is +$5.00!
Limit is 3!
:heart: Will draw
-Anthros, nekomimis
-Gore/Candy gore
-Slight nsfw (depends, sexy themes are alright)
-Couples (gay, lesbian)
If you have any questions, please ask! <333
:iconpandamoonpaws:pandamoonpaws 2 2
Mature content
Anna dumps her husband and coach :iconalesiaboxing:alesiaboxing 9 23

Hello and Welcome to my Page!

I'm MasterSaruwatari A.K.A Maurice

But you can call me Saru or Saru-kun


Welcome to my page. I do fanfcition and post requests, gift art, and commissions that are done for me.

Most Popular Pieces in my Gallery

Mature Content

50k   Commission   By Darkangelyuna by MasterSaruwatari
NegInk's sixth's attire by hachimitsu-ink by MasterSaruwatari NegInk's third attire 4 by Zeshgolden by MasterSaruwatari Ivy Valentine as Christie by MasterSaruwatari Neggy's fifth attire by Zeshgolden by MasterSaruwatari

Mature Content

200 watchers!!! by MasterSaruwatari
FABTB Boxer Talim by MasterSaruwatari FABTB Boxer Cassandra by MasterSaruwatari FABTB Boxer  Sophitia by MasterSaruwatari OC Boxing Profile- NegInk
Stance: Orthdox
Height: 6'0
Weight: 195lbs
AM Weight class: Light Heavyweight/Heavyweight
Professional weight class: Heavyweight
Boxer type: Boxer puncher/swarmer/slugger(combination)
AM record: 92-8-0-45 KOs
Pro record: 0-0-0
Favorite punch: Right cross
Sunday Punch: Yin and the Yang- A hard left elbow counter with her left arm. She places her right glove from her hip and steps forward and throws a wicked right cross to the jaw.
Favorite combo: A quick jab, fake left cross, and finishes with a right uppercut to the stomach.
Second favorite combo: A right straight to the nose, left hook to the ribs, a fake right hook, and finishes with a right uppercut of the chin.
Theme song: Memories of You/Kimi no Kioku by Persona 3 OST
Note: She may also come out to the orchestra version of this song sometimes, but she will mostly do it for her serious fights or fights for a title.  
Power: 7.5 out of 10
Speed: 9 out of 10
Stamina: 9 out of 10
Defense: 8 out of 10
Toughness: 7 out of 10
Neggy vs Erina by Hayame-82 by MasterSaruwatari

Kari Ko'd Neggy by Santos by MasterSaruwatari

OC Profile- NegInk
Name: NegInk
Full Name: NegInk Cooper (Don't say her last name.)
Nickname: Neggy (Called by everyone that knows her and prefers to be called it)
Date of birth: June 8th, 1995
Age: 16
Height: 6'0(183cm)
Weight: 195lbs(88.5kg)
Sex: Shemale/Futanari
Race: Black
Country: Twilight, but her ancestors are from Nigeria.
Hometown: Twilight
Hometown(in human world): Chicago, IL  
Specie: Half Human/Half Fairy
Nationality: African American
Affiliation: YinYang Clan
Position in the YYC: Princess of the East Branch
Cup size: 40 C  
Family: Madonna (mother), Contessa (aunt), Yin (Older sister), and Ink (younger sister)
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite color(s): Black and White
Skin tone: Semi-Dark
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Half black on the right and half white on the other side.
Hair style: Long flowing hair to the shoulder.  
Dominate hand: Right
Background: As a kid Neggy always admired her mother and aunt Contessa when they box. At the age of five, Madonna introduce her to th

Writing Pieces of Mine

Black is powerBy MasterMorisu
Black is seen as darkness to some. Others call it the sign of evil when they see it. It's also used as another way to say African-American. "Black" inspires me because I'm black. It's funny, right? I believe and follow Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, and Mark Mathabane. These men all carry ideas to change the world. Some like Mandela has  brought a nation together in harmony. Obama does the same, but his job is harder. The lesser known of this group of men is Mathabane. Mathabane is the author of the book Kaffir Boy. It is about his experiences during the South African apartheid. While he might not be from America, this man has inspired me to always have hope and knowledge of a situation. His words will always stick to me. My favorite line from his book is at the start of the book. He said, "I chant "Amandla! Awethu! (Power is ours!)"; let us not rest until we are free to live in dignity in the land of our birth." My real home is Africa! Where my ancestors fough
Overlook FeelingsOverlook Feelings
A fanfic about a miniseries by the FanFicCritic
The ending to her miniseries
By MasterSaruwatari
Note: FFC= FanFicCritic
Love can be many things folks. It can be family, close friends, and significant others. Love can sometimes either easy or hard to spot in people. Love is one of the best feelings anyone can have. Love has no specific sex. So, a man shall date man, if he thinks that is the right person for him. The same goes for a woman. What is love to you?
The confession the FFC gave Susan was very heartfelt. So many emotions ran wild in both of them. For the FFC it was fear, death, and forgiveness. For Susan it was indifferent, pain, revenge, and love?
Susan spoke to herself inside her head. Why do I have this feeling of love? Where is this feeling coming from? She looks down at the knife she was holding. My plan was to scare her with this. But why do I want to put it down?  Susan heavily sighs in front of the FFC.
"Uh…Susan… Are you ok
Beaten in StyleBeaten in Style
Requested by freshfight
By MasterMorisu
Ivy vs. Orchid
Our story begins with everyone favorite alchemist Isabella "Ivy" Valentine taking a break from her many experiments to chat on MSN with her friend Taki. She turns on her Dell laptop and waits for it to boot up.
"I wonder what Taki is up to. I hope she is on." Ivy said to herself as she watches the computer screen loaded up.
The computer finally loaded up, and Ivy clicks on the msn icon. Ivy looks at her list of contacts. "Ahh… She is on." Ivy said. The name she went under on MSN was PoisonIsabella. She clicks on Taki's name which was HiddenNinja.
PoisonIsabella: Hello?
HiddenNinja: Hey big ya tit British lady.
PoisonIsabella: Sigh… Why do you always have to be a bitch, Taki?
HiddenNinja: LOL. It is me Ivy. How are you?
PoisonIsabella: I'm good. I'm glad Soul Edge is finally gone. It's good to relax and enjoy the new technology in our world. How are you and Mitsu?
HiddenNinja: That's good. We are fine. We'r
Ivy vs. Tira round 3Cosplay Boxing 3
Round 3: Ivy vs. Tira
Requested by CelestianRose
By MasterSaruwatari
The bell sounds both fighters come out slow this time with their gloves up. Both knew how to inflict the greatest amount of damage on the other. They circle each other slowly throwing no punches. This was going to be a difficult round for both of them. Tira stays way out of Ivy's reach to negate the size, reach, and height advantage she has. Ivy had her right glove adjacent to her shoulder. This shows she was ready to counter any attempts of Tira dodging her jabs. Thus making it possible to land a crushing blow to the body and start to work her over like a heavy bag.
The amount of tactics showed here was amazing. Both Tira and Ivy didn't engage each other for a whole minute.  There was still a good minute left. The crowd was booing because the change of pace threw them off greatly. It went from an action pack fight the last two rounds to something of a chess match.


Awesome people who are featured on my page, if you would like to know how to get featured on my page, just ask C:

Feature space:



The land of Chaos


Did I ever tell you guys I am a big Cutie Honey fan? 

Well, if I didn't then now you know. You should also check out Cutie Honey Universe. It's a remake of this amazing manga from the 70s. 
Which anime girls you wanna see boxing?(Newer anime shows)
22 deviants said Princess Principal
16 deviants said Darling in the FranXX
16 deviants said Violet Evergarden
Battle Contessa by chacrawarrior
Art by chacrawarrior 

Surpsie! This outfit is for my girl Contessa! I think you guys will like the added touch of ninjas. When I got this outfit I felt it was the perfect battle outfit for Contessa because I wanted to do something not involve with boxing. I also like what I did with Assassin Madonna or young Madonna. Originally I wanted to do young Contessa, but back off on the idea for now as I don't have a good feel for how she will look during her younger days. So for now, enjoy this amazing look for all its worth. 


Yes the daggers are shape like spider fangs. 

Contessa(c) me 

outfit by Tychees 

Which anime girls you wanna see boxing?(Newer anime shows) 

22 deviants said Princess Principal
16 deviants said Darling in the FranXX
16 deviants said Violet Evergarden

About Me

| Maurice | Chicago, IL | USA | 24 | Male |


:bulletblack: My favourite genre of music is Rap and Rock
:bulletblack: I love to play Video games, write, history, science, anime
:bulletblack: My favourite style of Art is writing
:bulletblack: My MP3 player of choice would be an Ipod
:bulletblack: My Wallpaper of choice would have to be sonic
:bulletblack: My skin of choice is black
:bulletblack: My favourite cartoon character is Edd
:bulletblack: Personal Quote: "Wahoo!!!!"

Other places I hang out

Here are some of the other places I hang out, feel free to check it out.

Little Facebook Button by NerdyGeekyDweeb - Maurice Robert Fleshman

Small Skype Button by NerdyGeekyDweeb - cymasterhavik

PSN (PlayStation Network): Sarugetchu6060


Stamps About Me

Flag Counter




Which anime girls you wanna see boxing?(Newer anime shows) 

22 deviants said Princess Principal
16 deviants said Darling in the FranXX
16 deviants said Violet Evergarden



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