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January 3, 2013
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A five dollar commission for JadeOwl

MMA fight: Sophia "The Bloody Rudy" Argantael vs. Leticia "Bullwhip" Belmont

By MasterSaruwatatri

Tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada was an all MMA night. The undercard for the most part wasn't all that great. All the undercard fights featured fighters that were very defensive minded which led to lots of jabbing and fake take downs and such. The ending of all the fights were pretty much the same with the judges giving a clean sweep victory to the fighter that landed more shots and controlled the pace of the fight. So the crowd was very dead all night. Up next was the main event of the evening, it featured two female fighters that could potentially get the crowd out of their seats.  The rumors about both ladies said this because they were both known to be very aggressive in their own way. It was very rare to have two women in the main event for MMA. This was pay per view after all, so the sport media must be right about these two ladies.


The bell sounds a well dress white male with a microphone stands in the middle of the octagon. "Ladies and gentlemen your main event for tonight is setup to be a wild one. This is a non-title super featherweight bout. Introducing first, weighting in at a strong 154 pounds and she stands at 5 feet and 11 inches. This young lady has a record of 11 victories, one defeat, and four draws. All eleven of her victories came by way of knockout. She is from Quimper, France, Sophia 'The Bloody Rudy' Argantael!!" The well dress announcer put great power into making the name of the fighter memorable.
Sophia makes her way to the octagon in a white sport bra, black MMA gloves, purple shorts, and white tape around her feet. She has long red hair tied up into a ponytail. Her skin was white. Sophia was in good shape too. She had tone abs and muscles. She was being followed by her younger sister Sarah and her cousin Laura. They were carrying medical supply and water. The crowd gives her a mild reaction. There were also some cat calls from some of the males in the audience that Sophia did best to ignore.

"Ugh…..I'm Breton, not French dammit! Sigh…I'll take out all my anger on this girl who calls herself the 'Bullwhip'. She must think she's cool or something if she calls herself that. I made things interesting by watching no footage on her. I want to learn as this fight goes on. I have done before in the past. This won't be any different. Besides I got four inches on her and a seven pound weight advantage. Nothing should go wrong if I use those two advantages right." Her older sister and cousin help Sophia into the octagon. She does a little shadowboxing for the crowd. Sophia's shadowboxing was only able to generate another mild reaction out of the crowd. The cat calls she was getting were still present. The crowd must have been drained from the other subpar fights that came before this.

The well dress announcer stays at the center of the ring and says, "Her opponent comes in a lean mean 147 pounds and stands at 5 feet and 7 inches. This young lady has a record of nine victories, three defeats, and three draws. Eight of her victories came by way of knockout and submission. She is from Nice, France, Leticia 'Bullwhip' Belmont!!!!" The well dress announcer once again does an excellent job introducing the fighter making sure her name became memorable to the live audience and those at home watching on pay per view television.  

Leticia makes her way to the ring in a yellow sport bra, thin white arm bands around the upper part of her arm, brown tape wrap around her hands with black MMA gloves, black shorts with white trim and a yellow sash on her hip, and brown tape wrap around her feet as well. She enters the ring with her trainer and seconds. Her skin was dark. She had spiky black hair that somehow stayed in place for some odd reason. She was in pretty good shape too. It was very noticeable in her arms and legs. She puts on a display of quick and powerful kicks for the crowd. This earns a pretty sizable pop from the crowd.

"I and this ring are one….Well it's shape like an octagon, but you get the idea me!!!" She was really fire up for this fight. Her emotions were giving off good vibes. She takes some deep breathes before she heads to the center octagon to meet her opponent.

"Hmm….This 'Bullwhip' girl may not be so bad." Sophia was somewhat shocked at the skill of her opponent. She takes a deep breath and heads to the center of the octagon.

The referee for the evening called them to the center of the octagon and went over the rules. They both have heard this before thousands of times. "Give me a clean fight and touch gloves." Both ladies give each other a brief stare before they tap gloves.

"You have a pretty stupid name girl; let's see you can show me what it means." Sophia said coldly.

Leticia giggles and says, "I'll gladly show you. I just hope you can keep up with my rhythm." Leticia grins in Sophia's face.

They both head back to their corners and get some last few minutes of prep from their seconds before getting ready to head out. This could either end up being a subpar fight or could be an action pack fight of the night that might steal the show. Both ladies came in with great confidence. Who will be leaving this fight with their confidence in one piece?
Commission for :iconjadeowl:

This is a five dollar commission. Where you can ask me to do a kickboxing/wrestling/MMA match. He wanted me to do his two OCs Sophia and Leticia. If you want something like this or something different done. Please go here and the read the rules and prices -> [link]

Sophia: [link]

Leticia: [link]

If you would like to commission me send me a note and payment. I am still open for commissions.
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Excellent beginning! :thumbsup: I can't way for the action! :eager:

Just a couple of nitpicks though. Sophia's last name is Argantael and Sarah is the youngest of the sisters. ;)
MasterSaruwatari Jan 4, 2013  Student Writer
MasterSaruwatari Jan 4, 2013  Student Writer
Hey, cool action here.
MasterSaruwatari Jan 4, 2013  Student Writer
the action will be starting soon.
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